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About Our Early Childhood Program

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REGISTER NOW for 2021-22 classes. Call (847) 660-4163 or contact us for a personal tour and registration information.

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Your 2021 - 2022 Class Options

Young 3s
3 Years by 3/31/22
Half Day
2 Mornings per week

Preschool (3 years)
3 Years old by 9/1/21
Half Day
2 or 3 Mornings per week

PreK (4 years)
4 Years old by 9/1/21
Half Day
3 Mornings per week

Young 5s
5 Years old by 12/30/21
Half Day
4 Mornings per week

Full Day
3 or 4 years old by 9/1/21
3-5 Years old
2-5 Full Days per week

Our Classrooms

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outdoor learning
hawaii EC
teddy bear picnic
ec night
activity table

The Immanuel Difference

Immanuel provides a warm, joyful, nurturing environment where children learn the skills and values for leading a wonderful life.

• Exceptionally qualified teachers
• Small class sizes so children get the care they deserve
• Flexible scheduling and a wide variety of options to suit your family’s needs
• Christian values in everything we do
• Parental involvement: You’re part of the family
• A balanced curriculum of learning and fun to prepare your child for the years ahead

Our Programs Fit Your Lifestyle

At Immanuel, we know it can be hard to find a preschool program that fits into your schedule, so Immanuel has put together a variety of early childhood programs. We offer half-day to full-day programs from 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week providing flexibility that works with your schedule.

Safety & Security

At Immanuel, your child's safety and well-being are our primary concerns. We have a secure school. Parents and visitors enter only through the main entrance of the building. Visitors must check in at the office when they arrive and be escorted to their designated location in the school. Parents and other school volunteers receive a security badge (after a background check) with access to school hallways during school hours. Children are only dismissed to their parents or designated caregivers. Immanuel takes pride in providing your child with a safe and loving environment.

Drop off and Pick Up (Car-line)

Parents in the half-day programs bring their children to the classroom at the start of each day. This helps us get to know you, and you us. In this way, you also become acquainted with other parents so that you feel comfortable setting up play dates and carpools. It enables you to develop friendships with the other parents, so that you can establish a support system. Immanuel offers a car-line or upstairs pick up for the end of the class day. You will enjoy the convenience of picking up your child at the front door. Convenient Location Immanuel is conveniently located 2 blocks from the Palatine Metra Train Station. Let us care for your child while you take the train and go to work. Your child will be entrusted to and nurtured by certified, loving teachers. Trust the Immanuel difference.

Family Activities

Immanuel preschool values each child and their family. God has blessed you with a child. Naturally, you want the best for him/her, and we want to partner with you on this journey. We encourage you to be together, and desire for you to grow and learn together. Immanuel offers many family activities throughout the year. These activities are geared toward building relationships with your children and will help you make friends with other young families. Some activities offered include: Family Picnic, Family Reading Night, Pumpkin Carving Night, Gingerbread House Making Night, Easter Egg Dying Night, Game Night and Gym Night. Come and experience the family friendly atmosphere at Immanuel.

Home Visits

Home visits are a unique feature of our program. Before school starts, your child’s teacher will come to your home. This helps the teacher get to know your child and your family. It also gives your child the opportunity to spend some quality, one on one time with his/her teacher. This visit enables your child to become comfortable with the teacher in the security of your home environment prior to the first day of school. Your family is also invited to an open house prior to the start of the school year.

Outdoor Classroom

Our Early Childhood Department has an outdoor classroom to use with our young children. Children can observe, explore, and record information they have learned about animals, insects, birds, trees, seeds, the seasons, transportation and much more. Teachers and children sit on log benches as they participate in group discussions, listen to stories, sing songs, and learn about God’s world. The children are able to enjoy picnic lunches and snacks on the picnic tables. This space was created by an alumnus of Immanuel’s Early Childhood program as his Eagle Scout project. God has blessed us with the ability to extend our learning environment to the great outdoors.

What Parents are Saying

“[My son], his Dad, and I were all thrilled that he was able to start prekindergarten in person this fall. [He] has adjusted well to wearing a mask and sanitizing regularly, but he sees these as more than worthy trade-offs for being able to see and play with his friends and have fun learning new things. He loves being able to tell me all about his school day, and I love hearing about everything he does during this time when we are not together. Being able to have this independence in such a nurturing and stimulating environment is exactly what I want for my child, and I will certainly never take it for granted again.”

Immanuel EC Parent
January 2021

“I want to thank Immanuel’s preschool teachers for never skipping a beat when remote learning started. They were prepared with engaging activities for our little ones each week. It really helped our children feel connected, and it became something to look forward to!”

Immanuel EC Parent
May 2020

“I was completely impressed by the teachers’ ability to pivot to remote teaching and keep my daughter interested in and excited about learning. They produced thematic activities and lessons each week that engaged her mind and body including both large motor and small motor development. They were readily available for questions and really wanted to stay connected with her and our family. Without their work and guidance, I would have been concerned about her ability to transition to kindergarten, but they have helped me to make sure she is ready! I will be forever grateful for their tireless work.”

Immanuel EC Parent
June 2020