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 A Foundation for Academic Success and Spiritual Well-Being

Your Kindergarten Options

Immanuel offers two Kindergarten options; both are five days a week. Kindergarteners at Immanuel Palatine participate in Jesus time, math, literacy, and STEAM activities daily. Special activities include building the Mayflower, complete author studies, and trips to the theatre and zoo! To see more about how our full day and late-start kindergarten schedules are structured, click the links below.

Partial-Day Program

9:45 a.m.-2:10 p.m.

Partial-Day Schedule


Full-Day Program

7:40 a.m.-2:10 p.m

Full-Day Schedule

Christ-Centered Academics

Christ-centered academic programs equip Immanuel Lutheran Kindergarteners with the foundational tools to succeed in life. A love of learning is instilled in Immanuel students. Our teachers foster a positive environment that grants young learners the opportunity to thrive while they actively practice social, emotional, and problem-solving skills. Our Kindergarteners learn cooperation and kindness as they collaborate and work together through various activities.

Modern Learning Spaces

Immanuel’s “Classroom of Tomorrow” is a newly refreshed and modernized classroom that is now the home of the full-day Kindergarten program. The bright, colorful, open-concept classroom is equipped with the latest technology. Immanuel Palatine Kindergarten students are well equipped for the future with a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and critical thinking that enable them to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

A Love of Learning

Immanuel Palatine Kindergarten is a great place to grow and learn. We love making exciting observations, exploring, creating, and developing cooperation skills. Each day we learn new things, grow in new ways, and enjoy special friendships. Immanuel Kindergarten teachers prioritize inspiring a lifelong love for learning. We build on each child’s strengths and encourage them through their struggles. Children learn that God is always with them, loves them, and keeps His promises.

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