Chapel back view
Wednesdays from 1:20-1:55 kindergarten through grade 8 meet for chapel. Our students and staff participate in worship together hearing a message, praying, praising, and tithing. Each month chapel offerings support different causes chosen by the students. It is a great way to engage our students and benefit a cause close to their hearts. Throughout the year each grade has the opportunity to lead a chapel service. This empowers students to be leaders in their faith communities, familiarizing themselves with public speaking amongst other necessary skills to succeed. Weekly chapel encourages the development of faith in our students. We see a visible connection in our students as they worship together and share their faith. Chapel allows our students to rely on faith during times of adversity. Generally parents are welcome to worship during weekly services. However, due to COVID-19 guidelines only students and staff will be allowed in the sanctuary so we can accommodate for social distancing.