Grades 1-5

Elementary Girls

Growing spiritually and academically

Academic, Social, and Spiritual Growth

Our students are empowered to learn using their own curiosity to motivate them. Elementary students at Immanuel Palatine are willing to put forth effort in the classroom, and outside of school.  Hands-on learning and real world experiences are valued, such as field trips.  Students gain the skills they need to succeed through a strong curriculum.

A Strong Foundation

Immanuel Palatine students are committed to quality workmanship. Our students in Grades 1-5 learn the satisfaction that comes from completing a task independently, cultivating self-motivation and confidence. Immanuel’s elementary program fosters your child’s future success in Christian character, development of skills, and academic growth.  Students regularly participate in worship and religion lessons are part of the daily routine. Collaboration within and between grades is encouraged, such as Grade 4 and their Kindergarten “Reading Buddies.”

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