Meet Paula Schroeder

Paula Schroeder

Paula Schroeder

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Schroeder started teaching in 1986 and has taught at Immanuel from 1989-1991 and from 2004 through the present time. She teaches Second grade and loves it because she enjoys working and caring for her learners.
  • Bachelor of Arts from Concordia College in Education
  • Concentrations: Social Science, General Science, and Language Arts
  • Lutheran teacher with Synodical training
  • First and Second grade choir director
Schroeder Classroom
What does Immanuel Lutheran School Palatine mean to you?
Immanuel Lutheran School is my home. I attended school here from kindergarten through eighth grade. I grew as God’s child through the time spent in religion class, chapel, many opportunities presented here at Immanuel, from actions and attitudes of my wonderful teachers, pastors, coaches, and parents as they served as role models and God’s servants. I have created life-long Christian friends from my time at Immanuel and have been richly blessed by having them in my life. I have felt loved, accepted and nurtured here at Immanuel.

I am blessed to teach at Immanuel both before and after I had my family. God dwells in this place and has placed amazing people to walk along side the students and their families.

What is a favorite memory of Immanuel Lutheran School?
My favorite memory of my time at Immanuel is not just one, but a conglomeration of many memories. I was blessed to be a student, parent, and teacher here. It was so wonderful to grow and learn with my classmates. I will always remember the skits we would do for religion class and the fun we had practicing them. There was much laughter, but we always remembered to share the lesson from the Bible story and the love our Lord has for us.

Why did you choose the teaching profession?
I remember saying in fourth grade that I wanted to be teacher like my teacher, Miss Bez. I continued with that purpose of wanting to teach, wanting to share about Jesus and wanting to help kids for a long time. I strayed from the path for a while in college, but the Lord nudged me back. It is so wonderful to share and live Christ’s love for us every day. I received so much from my Christian education as it grew the foundation that my parents were helping our family to know. I love that I can share, talk, pray and model my faith. I continue to learn from the kids, my colleagues, pastors, and families as I work at Immanuel.

What do you see as the benefits to the students for attending Immanuel Lutheran School?
I am blessed to have had my children attend Immanuel. The teachers lovingly helped them grow emotionally, academically, and spiritually. The concern and effort children receive from the Immanuel community is wonderful. Immanuel partnered with me as we encourage them to walk with Jesus, share His love, and grow. Immanuel enriched them with many opportunities such as music, sports, academic clubs and the comradery of being a member of a group both as a leader and a team player. Immanuel is blessed to have Christian individuals surround them and care for them.