Meet Sonja Ruppel

Sonja Ruppel

Sonja Ruppel

5th Grade & Middle School Transition

Ms. Ruppel has been teaching at Immanuel since 2012. She also taught at Immanuel from 1996-2003. Between those years, she taught at various other schools in Illinois and Iowa. Current teaching responsibilities include teaching 5th grade and 8th grade Advanced Pre-Algebra.
  • BA in Elementary Education from Concordia University in Chicago
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What do you love most about teaching?
Ms. Ruppel enjoys teaching 5th grade, because she loves helping them to become independent learners and get ready for middle school. She loves teaching because it’s more than just a “job.” It’s a ministry. No two days are alike, and it is a privilege to work with students as they grow academically and spiritually.

What does Immanuel mean to you?
Immanuel feels like a big family. It’s a place where families, students, and faculty support and encourage one another. It is a privilege to share the Good News with the families in our care.

The best part about following Jesus is…
Knowing that no matter what circumstances you are going through, we know that our God is bigger and greater than all of it. He will give us joy in our journey and peace during our tribulations.