Meet Diane Nordman

Diane Nordman

Diane Nordman

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Diane Nordman has been at Immanuel Lutheran School since 2007. She teaches First Grade and loves it because it is so rewarding to teach the children their first words and to see how excited they are to become readers!
  • Degree- BS Elementary Education from Concordia University, Seward, NE. 1983
  • Double Major-Music and Elementary Education
  • Licensed K-8, by the State of Illinois and Nebraska
  • Certified K-8, by the State of Illinois and Nebraska
  • Endorsements in Early Childhood, Music and Elementary Ed.
  • Directing K-8 choral choirs | handbell choirs | music education K-8 | accompanying choirs | Taught 12 years in a preschool program | started 2 preschools
Mrs Nordman Classroom
Why do you feel called into Christian Education?
I was very blessed as a young child being raised in a loving, Christian family. I also was blessed by attending a Lutheran Day School, St. John, Lombard, IL. for all of my elementary years. I loved my teachers, classmates, and the fact that I could talk and hear about Jesus every day at school. I decided to become a teacher at a young age because I wanted to tell everyone about Jesus, too.

What is your favorite memory about your Lutheran School experience?
I have been able to teach all of my four children at some point in their Christian Education during their elementary years. Either in choir, classroom, or preschool, the memories that I have with them will always be treasured. The Lord has blessed them through all of their Lutheran Elementary education and now they have successful careers as a Doctor, a BCBA Director, a Counselor and a Marine Aeronautical Engineer.

What do you love most about teaching?
I love many things about teaching, yet I would have to say that I love Jesus time with my class the most. I love to hear them pray, and talk to their Savior about their family, their sick relative, their lost dog, etc. I love to hear them pray for each other and even continue their prayers at their own homes. It’s such a privilege to see their faith grow in their Savior and in their prayer life.

What do you see as the benefits to the students for attending Immanuel Lutheran School?
ILS has a rigorous academic curriculum which will help students transition well into the high school years. It also prepares for a well-rounded student; one who shows compassion for one another; one who is thoughtful, hard-working and respectful. The Christian Education element ILS offers cannot be ignored. Students who have graduated from ILS have teachers tell us about their leadership qualities, strength of character and compassion. Teachers have said that our students stand out.