Meet Joel Moritz

Mr Moritz

Joel Moritz

PE Teacher & Extended School Supervision Director

Mr. Moritz has been at ILS since 2017. He teaches physical education and loves it because of the many opportunities for character development and presenting life lessons. He enjoys the challenge of teaching fitness, wellness, nutrition, lifestyle, rest/recovery, stress management, physiology, health, disease prevention, neurophysiology all while engaging students with movement through activity and exercise. He appreciates preparing students with all aspects of caring for health and self.
  • BA Degree in Education from Concordia University-Chicago 1997 with a specialization in Math
  • Masters in Reading Instruction from Concordia University-Chicago 2004
  • Named 2011 Teacher of the Year by the Garfield Ridge Chamber of Commerce in Chicago
The best part of following Jesus is…
The best part of following Jesus is imparting how ‘love’ is an action word. Stiving to model for and train students in this way continues to be wonderful part of teaching at ILS. When I witness a student demonstrate a purposeful act benefitting another, I see Christ at work. It is a wonderful display to behold and of which to be a part.

What do you love most about teaching?
I love the energy and momentum students provide. A morning prep period may feel stale and tired but that immediately changes once the children enter in the room. I am instantly uplifted by their laughs and liveliness. They truly make me feel younger.

Why does teaching at ILS appeal to you?
I have a difficult time envisioning myself training and teaching without using Christ. I value the fact I can use His example in all situations and areas of my profession. I rely upon Him not only as a strong influence in my teaching, but also in my life.

What do you see as the benefits to the students for attending ILS?
The strongest benefit ILS students profit from is the developing strong positive character traits. ILS students are provided the best model and value system in Jesus Christ. Mentoring children to become strong people of integrity is what distinguishes ILS education from others.