PTL Walk-a-Thon 2023

The Walk-a-Thon is PTL’s main fundraising tradition and it will be held on Friday, September 22nd at Ost Field with a day of walking and activities for the students during the school day. Lunch will be provided. We are planning to have an outdoor dance and silent auction from 6-8pm on Friday, September 29rd in the Immanuel parking lot. More information to come!



Our goal this year is to raise $15,000 to support the work of PTL and to contribute towards new classroom furniture!

Funds raised allow PTL to support the students & teachers through its many programs, i.e. Art and Music appreciation, Accelerated Reading Program, New Books in the Library, Technology, Staff development/supplies, 5th Grade Mother/Daughter Tea and Father/Son Dinner, Teacher Appreciation Week, School Assemblies, Field Day, and much more! Make a Donation


Collecting Donations

Students can raise money through gifts from family and friends. The on-line donation form allows doners to optionally assign their donation to a student. Don’t wait until after the Walk-a-Thon to gather and collect your contributions; collect as you go and send/bring them in. Please make checks payable to:  Immanuel PTL.

The class that raises the most money overall will win a prize!


Important Dates

Walk-a-thon Activities - Friday, September 22 @ Ost Field

Dance & Silent Auction – Friday, September 29 


Make a Donation