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Elementary (Grades 1-5)

The Journey Continues

Our Elementary School program continues to meet the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of our students. Our extensive curriculum emphasizes social learning through work groups and incorporates the importance of play in a young child’s life. The Elementary School Day includes seven class periods. Each week students have computer class and music education. After school Spanish, art, and music classes are optional in Grades K-5. Class field trips are an important part of education. Closely supervised visits to locations such as the Chicago Symphony, Morton Arboretum, Art Institute, Brookfield Zoo, and local libraries enrich the academic curriculum.

First Grade

Our First Grade class combines the joy of being a child with the wonders of learning. Throughout the school year, the students have opportunities to see baby chicks hatch, make space helmets and rockets, and design butterflies.

Our First Grade students:
• Continue the Saxon Math curriculum with daily hands-on lessons to build strong math skills
• Learn language arts and reading through McGraw-Hill’s “Wonders.” This curriculum uses a weekly story for spelling, reading and language arts instruction.
• Formally begin the Accelerated Reading program
• Receive art instruction integrated with other subjects throughout the week.
• Participate in daily physical education class with a certified PE instructor
• Attend music and computer classes at least once a week
• Go to Chapel every Wednesday

Second Grade

One of our Second Grade classes is taught by an Immanuel graduate who loved the school so much she came back to teach here! In Second Grade, the students create their own town and stores, work on Flat Stanley projects, and have fun at Apple Day.

Our Second Grade students:
• Continue the Saxon Math curriculum
• Learn Scott Foresman language arts curriculum
• Enjoy social studies and science to learn about the world around them
• Use computers and iPads to build and enhance skills in all academic areas
• Receive art instruction integrated with other subjects through out the week
• Participate in daily physical education class with a certified PE instructor
• Attend weekly choir and music class
• Go to Chapel every Wednesday

Third Grade

There are several exciting projects and activities in Third Grade.

Oral Presentation Skills Students begin to build their oral presentation skills with four Oral Sharing projects spread throughout the year.
Animal Projects A highlight for many students is the animal project where the students choose an animal, build a diorama of the animal habitat, create a PowerPoint presentation, write a report, and share what they learned about the animal with the class.
Field Trips Several exciting field trips reinforce subject matter presented in class.

Saxon Math and Scott Foresman language arts continue in Third Grade as does Accelerated Reading, computers, music, and daily physical education.

Fourth Grade

One of the highlights of Fourth Grade is our Reading Buddies program. The Fourth Graders are paired up with a Kindergartener for weekly reading and activities. The Fourth Graders have the opportunity to mentor and teach younger students. This program builds relationships that last the school year and beyond. Students in Fourth Grade also create projects all about themselves and have a Thanksgiving Feast. Students continue Saxon Math and Scott Foresman curricula. The students have music and choir practice every week, along with computers, iPad activities, and art projects.  Fourth Graders attend Chapel every week with the entire school.

New Opportunities for 4th Graders:
Band Program Students are introduced to all the band instruments, have an
opportunity to try them out and begin working in a group setting to learn to read
music and perform in several events throughout the school year.
Extracurricular Sports Programs Students have the opportunity to try team sports such as basketball, cross country, cheerleading, and track.

Fifth Grade

In fifth grade, students continue to build upon their educational framework.

The reading program is supplemented through various novel studies.
Hands-on experiments and STEAM activities provide engaged learning and develop important critical thinking skills.
An Early America History focus grows appreciation for our country
Two levels of Math classes, grade-level and advanced, are taught to help develop each student.
Students can participate in band and athletics as well as other extra-curriculars.

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