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Immanuel families:

We plan to open… it will look different, but we will open!

Pending any state restrictions, we are boldly moving forward with our planning!

We are committed to making it work! Of course, there is much anticipation regarding the opening of school in August! Here at Immanuel we continue to be blessed, and God continues to provide. Our school is backed by a generous church family with a focus on the school. Knowing full well that school will be different this fall, much planning has gone on behind the scenes. Following our church board of directors’ meeting, we have the “go ahead” to move forward with our planning. These are important points for you to know:

Technology: We are providing 1:1 devices for our teachers and students grades K-8. This means that each student, grades Kinder-8 will be assigned a device. Kinder-4 will be assigned iPads for their use at school. There will be times where for special projects, students will be expected to take them home. Grades 6-8 already have Chromebooks assigned to them. Grade 5 will be on the Chromebook plan starting in August. New devices have been ordered.
With more devices to manage, our technology leader will be allotted extra time during the school day to support teachers and students.

  • The platform for PK–4 will be Seesaw, and for Grades 5–8, Google Suite
  • All teachers will participate in professional development to learn the Google Suite.
  • Additionally, Early Childhood–Grade 4 will participate in training for Seesaw
  • Parents will be asked to attend informational meetings to learn Seesaw, Google Suite, and Sycamore, as appropriate.
  • Students will learn their appropriate platforms in their classrooms.

We have full intention to be open as scheduled: Steps are being taken to open a safe environment. Details will follow.

    August 9 @ 3:00 Grade 8 (future freshmen) Graduation at Immanuel Church

    August 10 – 14 Home visits for early childhood, and early elementary, teacher professional development

    August 17 School opens for Grades 1 – 8

    August 18 School opens for Kinder

    August 24-September 15 Varied start dates for Early Childhood

  • A deep cleaning plan is in the works; details of cleaning will be featured in a future E-blasts.
  • We are limiting the numbers of students in each classroom.
  • We are reassigning, and redesigning classrooms based on small class sizes
  • We are being proactive about bus service within Palatine.
  • Lunch will be provided, but different.
  • New thermometers have been delivered. Temperatures will be taken at the start of school, as well as lunchtime. Each area has been assigned their own no-touch thermometer.
  • All will wear masks. Hundreds of disposable masks have been delivered just in case students forget on occasion.
  • Gallons of hand sanitizer have been delivered!
  • After school care (ESS) will continue to be provided but will be more spread out.
  • Physical education will have limited students per area and cleaning between classes will take place. Locker rooms will not be used.

Remote learning? Yes, we are planning the details of remote learning. If we face a mandated remote learning period of time, we will be ready with a formulated schedule, updated devices, support plans for students, communications to parents, as well as systemic and standardized lesson planning. This should streamline expectations for at home learning.

As we continue to refine our plans to open, I will be communicating the roll out strategies for reopening. If you haven’t already, please sign up for one of my Café 941 meetings, and we can chat more about our work through Zoom.

Blessings to you and your family. On behalf of the teachers/pastors/staff, the Board of Christian Education, the church Board of Directors, we look forward to being with you as a school community this August.

Dr. Joy Mullaney