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Integrated Technology

DSCF2179Technology has opened doors to the world around us, providing enriching learning opportunities for our students. Teaching has grown to include more than just the teaching of the facts.  Now students also need to be able to evaluate information, use it wisely and communicate effectively.

At Immanuel, our students practice and develop these vital skills for the future.  They learn how to think outside of the box, follow a plan, and critically evaluate it. They gather information, develop projects, demonstrate mastery, communicate with others, and more.  By using a variety of learning methods students have the opportunity to engage, learn, and grow in knowledge and skills.

Each student in sixth through eighth grade is assigned a Chromebook for use in the classroom and for schoolwork at home.  The Chromebook is a safe platform where students learn to be responsible digital citizens and refine keyboarding skills, preparing them for high school and beyond.  Students create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more — all stored in the cloud so they have access outside of school.  Students collaborate on group assignments and projects.  Teachers provide information, guidance, and resources through Google Classrooms where students complete and post assignments.  Middle school students also have access to iPads and the computer lab.

Students in Kindergarten through fifth grade use technology in a variety of ways in the classroom to enhance instruction. Online resources and apps are used to practice skills, review lessons, and for remedial intervention.  Students demonstrate mastery and communicate with each other by creating presentations, movies, and other projects.  IPads can be found in a 1:2 ratio in the K-5th grade classes.  Students also have access to computers in the classroom, computer lab, and the library.  Each classroom also has an interactive whiteboard for working with the entire class.


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Our Computer Lab

Immanuel’s computer lab is a dedicated room filled with rows of full-size desktop computers and flat-screen monitors. Controlled-access, high-speed Internet connectivity is provided to safely facilitate research and learning activities.

Students at Immanuel are comfortable using desktop computers. Reading and spelling-oriented games as well as math activities offer young students the stimulation they need while challenging them to move at their own pace. Students work with the standard Microsoft Office software suite learning the basics of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Keyboarding skills are a natural part of our curriculum, allowing student’s creativity to flow.


Through generous funding from our Parent Teacher League (PTL) and parent donations, iPads are integrated into all Immanuel classes. Programs such as Spelling City and Moby Max augment daily curriculum and offer opportunities for differentiated instruction within the classroom. Middle School students use iPads for researching Science Fair and History Fair projects, Language Arts papers, foreign language activities, and student-led videos. We strive to effectively incorporate the latest technology to improve our students’ critical thinking skills.

Kids Using Tablet
Sycamore login page

Online Student  Management Software, Sycamore

Immanuel utilizes “Sycamore Education” as our dedicated portal (Sycamoreeducation.com) to securely facilitate online communications and to exchange information about your child. Parents may securely log in to their family’s account to see grades, daily assignments, photos, and other student related information. Sycamore is also used to manage lunch account balances and to allow parents to update contact information, including emergency and pick-up contacts.

Through the “Pass-a-Note” feature, a parent and teacher can exchange notes about a student’s activities, progress and assignments. Teachers use Sycamore throughout the day so they are able to respond in a timely fashion.