This summer ILS will be offering summer classes in order to expand academic progress for our students. As you peruse the Summer Academy course offerings, note instruction will be provided by our own Immanuel teachers/staff. Parents may enroll their children for up to four sections per day. Families may register for week 1 (W1), which runs June 6-9, and/or week 2 (W2), which will run June 13-16. Different content will be covered each week.

Deadline for registration: May 17, 2022

Minimum class size: 6
(Encourage your friends to sign up!)

General Information

  • Open to Immanuel Lutheran School students age 4 and up
  • Open to friends of Immanuel
  • Location: Immanuel Lutheran School, Palatine
  • Two independent weeks: Monday – Thursday
  • Class content will not be repeated in weeks 1 and 2
  • Parents may enroll their children in up to 4 sections per week
  • Teachers will ensure safe travel between classes
  • The cost is $60 for a four-day, 55-minute class.
  • Register one student for all four sessions in a week and receive a $10 discount! (ie. $60 x 4 = $240 - $10 discount = $230 for your student that week. The discount is for one child and may not be spread over 4 sessions for multiple students.)