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As our society navigates through the uncharted waters known as life with Covid-19, Lutheran Schools are not immune to the challenges of the pandemic. Lutheran Schools offer excellence in many areas, not the least of which is the area of interscholastic athletic competition.

Athletics are not immune to the adaptations that have affected all areas of life. With that in mind, the NID Mission Facilitator for Education, Lois Stewart, along with a large number of principals and athletic directors from NID Lutheran schools have met regularly via Zoom since early June discussing and evaluating the effect this pandemic might have on our interscholastic athletic programs. The decision was made that it would be best to follow IHSA guidelines as closely as possible and to that end, the following statement reflects the position of NID Lutheran Schools.

    At this time, The Lutheran Schools of the Northern Illinois District of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod will follow the plan set forth by the Illinois High School Association. This means that those schools who participate in Cross Country will offer the sport as an interscholastic activity in the fall of 2020. Meetings will be held to determine the safest way to conduct these cross country events, and more information will be available as guidelines are determined.
    This also means that interscholastic volleyball and soccer seasons will be postponed until February as is written in the IHSA plan (soccer will be dependent upon field readiness and playability), and barring any change in IHSA policy, will be offered interscholastically at that time.

As is true with everything during this time, plans are fluid and subject to change. As Christian institutions made up of Christian people, we are charged with respecting and following the mandates of those in authority over us as Martin Luther clearly tells us in his explanation of the 4th commandment. We are God’s people and we walk in His light. We also recognize that the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, and all that would be involved in athletic competition be of highest priority.

May God continue to bless the ministries of our Lutheran Schools, and may we always strive to be the best we can be through the power of the Holy Spirit.