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Immanuel’s School Board formed a sub-committee to support and advance the additional resources offered to those students who can use added learning opportunities.

Resources include:

  • Our full-time Resource Teacher provides specialized teaching in reading and math to those students who need the extra support.
  • We provide early screening of basic reading concepts and principals to evaluate students and better meet their needs where they are. Through early intervention, we are confident that most reading difficulties can be improved or eliminated.
  • Several of Immanuel’s teachers have now been trained in a specialized reading program—the Orton-Gillingham method, to better serve the students in their classrooms.


  • Extra tutoring services from Immanuel’s Middle Schoolers offers an opportunity for our youngest students to learn from many people with different styles, while our oldest students gain experience in leadership and mentoring roles.
  • Through a combination of RTI (Response To Intervention), differentiated instruction in the classroom, and additional instruction in the Resource classroom, we provide the resources to accommodate most student issues.

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