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Our Foundation, Our Peace

Immanuel_Logo_New_PNGImmanuel not only has outstanding academics and athletics programs, but we are also able to encourage the hearts of the children along with their minds. We recognize how critical it is to instill strong Christian values from a young age to build character, a strong work ethic, integrity, and caring hearts that will benefit them their entire lives. Immanuel is equipping children with the tools they need not only to be productive members of society, but to also fully utilize the talents and gifts God has given them.

Studies show that young children have very malleable minds. If we can teach them strong Christian values at an early age, they will be more likely to have greater success in school, a greater involvement in church later in life, and a decreased rate of civil offenses. Immanuel has daily religion classes and weekly chapel to help grow children closer to Jesus and learn more about Him.

Immanuel is a close knit Christian community where staff and parents help and support each other. Immanuel fosters a strong family atmosphere through involvement in parent Bible studies, volunteerism, and participation in a variety of school events and activities.

Immanuel is blessed by having its teachers meet daily to pray and study the Word together every morning before school begins. Teachers at Immanuel are excited to share their faith and their love for the Lord. What a wonderful blessing to have a teacher who is committed to Christ teach and lead a child to grow strong spiritually, academically, socially, and physically, as well as in service and citizenship.

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