Philosophy & Values

Immanuel Palatine nurtures children spiritually and academically, equipping each child to be a responsible and effective citizen for life. We partner with parents to prepare their children for lifelong Christian learning and service, while pursuing a rigorous academic program in a disciplined, nurturing environment. 

What God made is GOOD!

Immanuel Palatine embraces God’s creation in all educational aspects. We prioritize Christian character in a high-quality academic environment worthy of our two-time Blue Ribbon Award. Whether in the classroom or through extracurricular activities, we guard the hearts of our students and protect their interests and well-being from cultural depravity. 

An identity in CHRIST!

At Immanuel Palatine, we encourage our students to be who GOD has made them and redeemed them to be!

Our teachers foster an environment for academic, spiritual, and personal growth. Immanuel Palatine students feel valued and loved as the children of God they are. Immanuel students are truly seen through a lens of Christ Jesus and learn to see others through that lens of love. We teach our students how to be grounded in truth, so they are better able to withstand the inevitable winds of change that life brings! Immanuel Palatine teachers are dedicated educators, who show grace and love within a structured and creative educational environment.

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