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Parental Involvement

A Partnership that Matters

About Our Parents:

Immanuel Lutheran School would not function without the dedication and support from our parents.

We encourage you to visit our school, participate in volunteer activities as you are able, attend Chapel with us on Wednesday afternoons, and get to know your child’s teacher(s). This involvement allows you to have a better understanding of our school and to actively participate in your child’s education. It offers the entire class an opportunity to see people from diverse backgrounds bringing their own experiences and traditions into the classroom environment. As our students experience the diversity of other adults sharing and teaching in their classroom, they learn to appreciate the differences in all of us.

As an Immanuel parent, you will have opportunities each year to attend school events including sports, assemblies, chapel and others—to interact with the staff, students and the community of Immanuel. We post a full calendar of Church and School activities on Sycamore and in the School Newsletter. Every parent is encouraged to participate as you are able. Come in our doors, get to know us, and learn to appreciate all that your child experiences each day.

We value the role that parents play in the learning process. The spiritual leaders of our Church and school make themselves available to you. At various times during the school year, they invite you to visit with them at a local café—come enjoy a cup of coffee or some ice cream, get to know those who influence the daily life of your child, and become better acquainted with the values of our school leaders.

“The best part about Immanuel is the degree to which I can become involved with my child’s education and experience. My thoughts and suggestions are not not just tolerated, they are welcomed and encouraged.”

Dave Brazzle

“I love Immanuel because I feel a partnership with my child’s teacher and the school administration that extends far beyond what I experienced in the public school system. It allows me to be an active partner in my child’s success.”

Sarah McLain