Meet Brier Nelson

Mrs Nelson

Brier Nelson

8th Grade Homeroom & 8th Grade Support

Mrs. Nelson has been with ILS since 2017 as a licensed Illinois State Board of Education Substitute Educator. In 2020, Mrs. Nelson was brought on to serve as the middle school teacher’s assistant. and continue to serve as a substitute when needed.
  • B.A- Winona State University, MN. Major in History
  • Early Childhood Certificate, Ashworth College, GA
Why did you choose the teaching profession?
The education field gives me the opportunity to help develop children, grow their creativity, and build their character. I feel the education field gives a sense of service, making a difference, and giving back to the community. I enjoy building relationships with students, staff, parents, and the community.

What is a favorite memory of Immanuel Lutheran School?
My favorite memory at Immanuel Lutheran School is the week of the Walk-A-Thon with the Auction and Dance. It’s an entire week for the students, staff, parents, and the Community to come together. I enjoy seeing the children walking outside with the staff, all the talking and laughing, and the parents coming out to help and support the event. Finally, I enjoy the week wrapping up with the Dance and Auction which gives the opportunity to raise money while socializing.

What do you see as the benefits to the students for attending Immanuel Lutheran School?
I see the major benefits for students attending ILS as smaller size classrooms with dedicated teachers having the time and energy to work with all of the students. All of this while seeing the spiritual environment, teaching servant leadership, the parent involvement.