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Maker_Night2You’re Invited to Maker Night 2017
Tuesday, March 14th from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Play, Make, Learn!

Join us for Community Maker Night featuring STEAM-based activities.

  • Discover the joy in making, building, creating, and engineering!
  • Learn video production “how-to’s,” on camera and behind the scenes.
  • Explore the world of 3D design and construction with a CAD expert.
  • Just for Preschoolers! Create a volcano, make ‘n take home a sensory bottle, and craft with recyclables.

Maker Night Activities

All Ages Events

Kite Making and Decorating - STEM Room 252
Mrs. Schroeder – Second Grade, Mr. Saunders – Middle School History and Religion

Musical Masterpieces - Music Room
Mrs. Laabs - Music

Star in a Video - TV Studio
Mrs. Sandusky – Middle School Science and Math, Mr. Liebold – ILS Alumni

Water Bottle Balloon Car - Cafeteria
Mrs. Kari Judge – ESS Director, Mrs. Marie Cammenga – ESS

Elementary Events

Sand Art - Room 201
Mrs. Nordman – First Grade

Towering Towers - Room 301
Mrs. Rathe – Third Grade, Mrs. Crimmins – Library Learning Center Director

Harmonizing Harmonicas - Room 306
Ms. Evans – Fourth Grade, Ms. Ruppel – Fifth Grade

Early Childhood Events

Erupting Volcanoes, Thematic Shaker Bottles, Loose Parts Creations- Room 208
Mrs. Tres – Early Childhood Director, Ms. Laubenstein – Full Day Preschool

Sensory Explorations - Room 204
Mrs. Carol Vyhanek – Full Day Kindergarten, Mrs. Nikki Lloyd – Partial Day Kindergarten

Advanced Events

Pi Activities, Build Free-Standing Structures, Create a Cup from Paper - Science Lab
Mrs. Henderson – Middle School Math and Language Arts, Mrs. Johns - Middle School Science and Language Arts

CAD/Sketch-Up Demo - Room 253
Mr. Newberry – Power Construction Company


What is the “Maker Movement?”

The Maker Movement encourages people of all ages to explore fixing, improving, and creating. Through the maker process, learning is promoted through play and experimentation. Students are encouraged to think outside the box as they design, build, and invent. Some activities are guided –with a stated goal to achieve – while others permit students to explore freely. Through this process, children and adults learn to take risks, to celebrate ‘failures’ as opportunities, and to develop a growth mindset that motivates a joy of learning and exploring. Creativity, communication, persistence, and teamwork are all by-products of a Maker Mindset.

maker nightAustin Newbury, from Power Construction Company and a popular Maker Night 2016 guest expert, will demonstrate SketchUp, a 3D computer modeling program. Students will have the opportunity to use SketchUp themselves and discuss careers in construction and engineering with Newbury, giving them a glimpse into a fascinating world of possibilities.

make_Your_own_volcanoEarly Childhood

The Early Childhood teachers will showcase their classrooms and answer questions. The children and families will be able to “Make” an erupting volcano.

The current Pre-K and Full Day classes are getting ready to go on a multi-sensory hands on pretend trip to Hawaii! Our classrooms will be “dressed” up with a Hawaiian atmosphere including a beach for Maker Night. The young children will also get to make “thematic” shaker bottles and engage their creative maker juices with our “Loose parts” recycling center.

Come join us at Maker Night and have fun while learning about our exciting early childhood program!