Meet Nikki Lloyd

Nicola Llloyd

Nikki Lloyd

Full Day Kindergarten Teacher

Nikki Lloyd has been at Immanuel Lutheran School since 2012. She teaches Kindergarten and loves it because she has the opportunity to create and foster a lifelong love for learning in her students.

Nikki has a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University Chicago with a concentration in teaching religion.

  • Synodically trained and called by ILCP
  • Kindergarten department chair
  • Choreographs for school musicals
Why do you feel called into Christian Education?
I grew up in a Lutheran School and had wonderful teachers. I loved the close-knit community and knew by 3rd grade that I wanted to teach in a Lutheran School.

How do you feel students benefit from their ILS education?
I think one of the hidden benefits of a christian education is the sense of stability students have knowing “whose” they are. My christian education meant that my home and school environments were both reminding me daily that I was a loved child of God. That foundation grounded me and also allowed me to grow and flourish.

What do you love most about teaching?
I love the opportunity to foster a joy for learning and problem-solving in my students. I love watching them get excited about their own progress. I love dancing with them, reading with them, and learning with them. I love sharing Bible stories with them and impressing upon them how deeply God loves them. My faith is an integral part of who I am and how I teach. I love being able to share that faith with my students each day.

What does ILS mean to you?
I feel incredibly blessed to be both a teacher at ILS and parent of four children here. Immanuel’s teachers continue to partner with me to give my children the foundation of faith and character that I value so much. I’m grateful to be partnering with parents to do the same for their children, my students.