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April 1- April 14 Offerings— Naomi’s Village
Offerings for April 1 through April 14 will go to Naomi’s Village. Naomi’s Village is a children’s home in Kenya that provides complete care for orphans. This includes abandoned babies and those left without parents because of terrorist attacks, AIDS, disasters,and violence within the home. Their care includes proper nutrition, healthcare, and an excellent education - including uniforms and books. The plans they have for these children and their futures are part of a remarkable undertaking and a call of God, as they not only take care of their physical needs but their spiritual needs, as well, in the heart of Africa. Thank you for supporting Naomi’s village through your chapel offerings.

April 21- May 5 Offerings — Phil’s Friends

Chapel offerings for April 21 through May 5 will be given to Phil’s Friends. Each year, almost 2 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer. Many of these people find themselves in hopeless situations in hospital rooms and homes across the country. Phil’s Friends provides Christ-centered practical, emotional, and spiritual support and hope through the distribution of their hand-assembled care packages to those affected by cancer, and consistent ongoing encouragement through their Cards of Hope program, virtual support through their Hope on CallTM program, and prayer.