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Statement Regarding Athletics in NID Lutheran School

As our society navigates through the uncharted waters known as life with Covid-19, Lutheran Schools are not immune to the challenges of the pandemic. Lutheran Schools offer excellence in many areas, not the least of which is the area of interscholastic athletic competition.

Athletics are not immune to the adaptations that have affected all areas of life. With that in mind, the NID Mission Facilitator for Education, Lois Stewart, along with a large number of principals and athletic directors from NID Lutheran schools have met regularly via Zoom since early June discussing and evaluating the effect this pandemic might have on our interscholastic athletic programs. The decision was made that it would be best to follow IHSA guidelines as closely as possible and to that end, the following statement reflects the position of NID Lutheran Schools.

    At this time, The Lutheran Schools of the Northern Illinois District of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod will follow the plan set forth by the Illinois High School Association. This means that those schools who participate in Cross Country will offer the sport as an interscholastic activity in the fall of 2020. Meetings will be held to determine the safest way to conduct these cross country events, and more information will be available as guidelines are determined.
    This also means that interscholastic volleyball and soccer seasons will be postponed until February as is written in the IHSA plan (soccer will be dependent upon field readiness and playability), and barring any change in IHSA policy, will be offered interscholastically at that time.

As is true with everything during this time, plans are fluid and subject to change. As Christian institutions made up of Christian people, we are charged with respecting and following the mandates of those in authority over us as Martin Luther clearly tells us in his explanation of the 4th commandment. We are God’s people and we walk in His light. We also recognize that the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, and all that would be involved in athletic competition be of highest priority.

May God continue to bless the ministries of our Lutheran Schools, and may we always strive to be the best we can be through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Welcome New Faculty!

We Welcome You To Immanuel With Open Arms!

New to Immanuel this year are Dr. Joy Mullaney as Principal and Ms. Kristy Heimsoth as Kindergarten teacher and Special Education Coordinator, who were installed at our worship service on July 26. We also wish to welcome our ILS alumna, Ms. Anna Wozniak, who will be teaching middle-school science.

Welcome Dr. Joy Mullaney and New Faculty!

From the Desk of Principal Dr. Joy Mullaney – Summer Splash Special Edition

Immanuel families,

From Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment:

Due to the school library being cleaned, the open library time scheduled for next Wednesday, July 22 is being postponed to the following Wednesday, July 29. If you would like to come and check out books one last time this summer, please schedule an appointment with Mrs. Crimmins at rcrimmins@ilcp.org. The library will be open from 10-12 on Wed., July 29th.

Thanks to Bill Mayyou’s leadership and for all of his work with the properties committee; gratitude to Bill’s crew for taking seriously their role as team players. See the deep cleaning plan below. Know that the safety of our students, faculty and staff is of utmost priority.

See our Deep Cleaning Plan


Dr. Joy Mullaney

We plan to open… it will look different, but we will open!

Immanuel families:

We plan to open… it will look different, but we will open!

Pending any state restrictions, we are boldly moving forward with our planning!

We are committed to making it work! Of course, there is much anticipation regarding the opening of school in August! Here at Immanuel we continue to be blessed, and God continues to provide. Our school is backed by a generous church family with a focus on the school. Knowing full well that school will be different this fall, much planning has gone on behind the scenes. Following our church board of directors’ meeting, we have the “go ahead” to move forward with our planning. These are important points for you to know:

Technology: We are providing 1:1 devices for our teachers and students grades K-8. This means that each student, grades Kinder-8 will be assigned a device. Kinder-4 will be assigned iPads for their use at school. There will be times where for special projects, students will be expected to take them home. Grades 6-8 already have Chromebooks assigned to them. Grade 5 will be on the Chromebook plan starting in August. New devices have been ordered.
With more devices to manage, our technology leader will be allotted extra time during the school day to support teachers and students.

  • The platform for PK–4 will be Seesaw, and for Grades 5–8, Google Suite
  • All teachers will participate in professional development to learn the Google Suite.
  • Additionally, Early Childhood–Grade 4 will participate in training for Seesaw
  • Parents will be asked to attend informational meetings to learn Seesaw, Google Suite, and Sycamore, as appropriate.
  • Students will learn their appropriate platforms in their classrooms.

We have full intention to be open as scheduled: Steps are being taken to open a safe environment. Details will follow.

    August 9 @ 3:00 Grade 8 (future freshmen) Graduation at Immanuel Church

    August 10 – 14 Home visits for early childhood, and early elementary, teacher professional development

    August 17 School opens for Grades 1 – 8

    August 18 School opens for Kinder

    August 24-September 15 Varied start dates for Early Childhood

  • A deep cleaning plan is in the works; details of cleaning will be featured in a future E-blasts.
  • We are limiting the numbers of students in each classroom.
  • We are reassigning, and redesigning classrooms based on small class sizes
  • We are being proactive about bus service within Palatine.
  • Lunch will be provided, but different.
  • New thermometers have been delivered. Temperatures will be taken at the start of school, as well as lunchtime. Each area has been assigned their own no-touch thermometer.
  • All will wear masks. Hundreds of disposable masks have been delivered just in case students forget on occasion.
  • Gallons of hand sanitizer have been delivered!
  • After school care (ESS) will continue to be provided but will be more spread out.
  • Physical education will have limited students per area and cleaning between classes will take place. Locker rooms will not be used.

Remote learning? Yes, we are planning the details of remote learning. If we face a mandated remote learning period of time, we will be ready with a formulated schedule, updated devices, support plans for students, communications to parents, as well as systemic and standardized lesson planning. This should streamline expectations for at home learning.

As we continue to refine our plans to open, I will be communicating the roll out strategies for reopening. If you haven’t already, please sign up for one of my Café 941 meetings, and we can chat more about our work through Zoom.

Blessings to you and your family. On behalf of the teachers/pastors/staff, the Board of Christian Education, the church Board of Directors, we look forward to being with you as a school community this August.

Dr. Joy Mullaney

From the desk of Principal Dr. Mullaney

As we finish up our 2019-2020 academic year remotely, let’s praise the Holy Spirit for guiding us as we navigated together through weeks of what I call the three R’s. Relational, Reciprocal, Remote (RRR) has been our vehicle for student learning lately. Parents, teachers, administrators, office staff, pastors, and students have stretched during these remote weeks. Thanks to those who have been gifted as tech savvy individuals, for loving and directing the rest of us!! I’m impressed; parents have set up home classrooms, and teachers are working at home tirelessly! Remote chapels were amazing. Praises! Have you ever seen a teacher’s refrigerator turn into a whiteboard? Clever! We now know some of your pets! Fun!

As we move forward in the planning of the Fall 2020 school opening, it is important for our constituents to understand that our remote learning (RRR) plan will be revised and intentional; we have already begun working with our consultant, Educational Technology Professor Dr. Alan McCloud from Aurora University. We have formed our RRR planning team who will work through the summer to update and standardize our current RRR Plan; Mrs. Crimmins, Mrs. Sandusky, Mrs. Tres, Mrs. Rathe, and I have committed to work as the RRR Team this summer with Dr. McCloud. Additionally, I have dedicated teacher professional development days devoted to RRR training.

It is also important to plan options. Plan A is to open our school as a “normal” or close to normal face to face school; Plan A is now in place. What about Plan B? Plan C? We don’t know what the state of Illinois will look like in the fall, nor can we predict future restrictions of Governor Pritzker. However, this is a fact; ILS is committed to providing high quality, safe, and relational education in the context of the Christian faith. This may very well look totally different than any other time in history, thus Plans B and C. I have been studying options from other schools, both public and private. I regularly have been meeting with our LCMS Northern Illinois District’s Northwest Regional Principal’s group and have kept up with the Illinois State Board of Education recommendations. These are some models that we are studying at ILS and will be presenting to parents for input:

      • Delayed school opening
      • Alternative school day schedule
      • Staggered start times
      • Targeted curriculum
      • Block scheduling
      • Partial openings
      • Scheduled in-school days for students needing extra help
      • Teachers looping with their classes
      • Students start school with their current teachers, and transition to their new grade level at a determined date.
      • Team teaching
      • Am/pm schedules
      • Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) models, tailored to grade level needs
      • Child care

Parents, look forward to more information coming your way!

School has changed, society too! But God the Father has not!

James 1:17 New International Version (NIV)
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

A Letter from Principal Joy Mullaney

Dear Immanuel, Lutheran School teachers, staff, students, parents, and church congregation:

As your incoming principal, it is important that I make myself available right away and assure you that transitioning has been happening! Although my designated start date is Monday, April 6, School Board President Marcia, Pastor Warren, Principal Delaine, and Jan have been instrumental in the transition of leadership through ongoing communication. Their wisdom is much appreciated; because of their professionalism, I am in the know of how Immanuel’s teachers, students, and parents are interacting, especially through the last several weeks of e-learning. I attended Wednesday’s faculty meeting, and I continue to have a strong confidence in the remote learning process, due to the massive efforts of our teachers!

We have heard the word “essential” repeatedly in the news of late. Essential workers, essential needs, essential stores are some examples. In the world of teaching and learning, educators often attach words to describe what is absolutely necessary for students, such as essential standards, essential questions, essential learning, and essential learning outcomes. Let me add that our teachers are in fact essential and critical to the learning process, as they make decisions and plans to deliver and facilitate instruction to our students. Immanuel teachers, along with teachers across the world, have recently self-directed their professional development, adding many different skills as they work harder than ever fine tuning our new world of mandated remote learning.

A few years ago, remote learning started in Illinois as e-learning snow days. After piloting e-learning and finding success, Illinois created guidelines and rules for this initiative. Many Illinois schools and districts dabbled in remote learning and were in the process of planning how it would look in their schools.Typically, this type of initiative for a school would take at least a couple of years. Who would have thought, remote learning would be in full force… ready or not!

So here we are… smack in the face of distance learning! I will tell you that our teachers at Immanuel have been working harder than ever as they hone their remote classroom routines; we will continue to adjust facilitation and communication strategies. We cannot forget our partnership with parents; parents, thank you for your efforts and actions to make remote learning work for your children! As always, Immanuel is here for you. Don’t let any question go unasked.

Remember, administrators are also on a learning curve! As your incoming principal, I will work with the school team moving forward to continue the good work that Principal Delaine has initiated! In addition to the Illinois State Board of Education, accreditation and recognition entities will be looking for evidence and documentation of solid remote teaching and learning. As a best practice, I plan to engage with our teachers on this management task as we customize the e-learning program for Immanuel.

I so look forward to meeting all of you… at this time, I wish it could be face-to-face and in person, but until then, let’s chat informally through (virtual) Café 941. Make yourself a latte and let’s get to know each other in our newly developed Café space! Look for details to come.

In Christ,

Dr. Joy Mullaney
Incoming Principal
Immanuel Lutheran School, Palatine, IL

A Message from Principal Schiestel Concerning the Corona Virus 3-13-20

UPDATE 3-21-20: Illinois Governor Pritzker has mandated schools be closed through Tuesday, April 7. Our campus will remain closed until at least that date.

March 13, 2020

Dear Immanuel Parents/Guardians:

A few moments ago, Palatine CCSD 15 sent this message out to the parents of their students. While Immanuel does not have any cases of COVID-19, because of our close relationship with our local school district, we will follow suit and close school beginning March 16 through at least Monday, March 30. Your child’s teacher will be sending home Immanuel’s at home learning plan for their class. Children will be bringing home necessary materials and any additional clothing or outerwear today. ESS and Discovery Camp Spring Break will not be open. We apologize for this inconvenience, but your family’s safety is of utmost concern to us. We have not yet determined how this will impact the end of the school year. The Board of the Christian School will make a decision at their next meeting. Please continue to keep all impacted by this virus in your prayers. God is in control, and He will see us through it.

God’s Blessings,

Delaine Schiestel

D15 COVID-19 Update: 3-13-20

February Chapel Offering

February Chapel offerings will continue to be gathered for the tuition assistance fund of our sister school, St. Paul Dorchester. St. Paul Lutheran School has been a staple in the Greater Grand Crossing Area of Chicago for over 128 years. Their mission is to bring children to know Jesus Christ while providing a quality academic education in a safe, disciplined environment promoting social, mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Like Immanuel, they serve the community through ministry, education and community service. Please be generous, as you are able, with your February Chapel offerings

Friday, February 28 is Basketball Alumni Night!

Alumni parents/players:

7:00p.m. - Annual Alumni Girls’ Game
All Alumni Bobcat Girls play our current Varsity Lady Bobcats. Please arrive by 6:45p.m., so the names of alumni can be collected for announcements. Wear white shirts.

8:00pm - Annual Alumni Boys’ Game
All Alumni Bobcat Boys play our Varsity Bobcats. Please arrive by 7:45p.m., so the names of alumni can be collected for announcements. Wear white shirts.

Please share this with all alumni you may know. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone!

Next Peru Fundraiser @ Alumni Night
… The Youth’s next Peru Fundraiser will take place at Basketball Alumni Night: A buck a shot — 50/50 drawing — Bake sale, OR Free-will cash or check donations (if check, payable to “Immanuel Lutheran Church,” with “Peru Mission Trip” in the memo).

Preschool, Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Open House

Monday, February 3, 2020 9:15 to 10:15am

Come and visit our Preschool and Prekindergarten, Full and Half day program as well as Kindergarten. Meet the teachers and learn about our curriculum. Children are welcome. Please invite your friends and neighbors. Call or email Marlene Tres at 847-660-4163 for more information.

Learn more about our preschool at www.palatinepreschool.org

200 N. Plum Grove Road in Palatine