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Immanuel Lutheran School Presents… E.S.S. S.O.S.
(Extended School Supervision – School’s Out Service)

Kick Start Summer Days

Come join us for a few days before Discovery Camp starts! We have lots of fun SUMMER activities planned for you!

7:00am: ESS SOS Opens
7:00-9:00am: Arrival, breakfast, free choice
9:00-10:00am: Planned Activity
10:00-10:45am: Large Motor/Outside
10:45-11:30am: Planned Activity
11:30am -12:00pm: Lunch
12:00 -12:30pm: Free choice
12:30-1:30pm: Planned Activity
1:30-2:15pm: Large Motor/Outside
2:15-3:00pm: Planned Activity
3:00-3:30pm Snack
3:30-5:00pm Movie
5:00-6:00pm: Free choice


Important Information:
ESS SOS is a $6.00 per hour charge just like ESS, and will be billed to you. To sign up for ESS SOS, please turn in a sign up form, to the ESS Director. Deadline to sign up is Wednesday, May 24th!
Please email Kari Judge at essdirector@ilcp.org for any questions.