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Course Options for Middle School Students

The Electives Program offers an opportunity for Middle School students (Grades 6-8) to participate in decisions regarding their education. Students choose additional areas in which to grow and enhance their fine arts and STEM learning. A brand new addition for the  2016-2017 school year is “Video Studio  in which students will learn how to use the video studio to film, edit, and create short videos.

All students are required to take at least one (1) Art Elective and one (1) Music Elective or Band. Students in 7th grade and those 8th graders who have not previously passed the Constitution test are required to take Constitution 2nd Trimester. Students who have not previously passed the Keyboarding+ class are required to take it 1st Trimester.

Class Descriptions:



3D Art - Students will create a variety of three-dimensional projects using different media.

Art  - Students will learn about the foundations of art through the completion of a variety of projects.

Digital Photography - This class will teach elements of photography, composition of pictures, techniques for taking exceptional photos, and simple editing of images

Illustrators - Students will create illustrations of various short stories and Bible verses.

Mimic the Artist - Students will copy master artists’ techniques and learn about their lives, and methods. They will learn all elements of art: Line, color, texture, composition, and shape.

Sewing  - Students will learn the basics of hand and machine sewing. Projects include pin cushions, pillows, quilt squares, and an optional article of clothing. Students who have previously taken the class may re-take it to advance their skills. Additional independent projects will be provided for these students.

Yearbook - Yearbook is a course that will allow students to seek and celebrate the school year through the creation and design of the school yearbook. Students will work collaboratively to make decisions on how to best capture and represent the school year in photos, words, and graphics. Yearbook is a great way to develop the skills of a journalist and the creativity of an artist.


Band - Band students will have band lessons during the Thursday/Friday elective times in lieu of class pullout time.

Chapel Song Leaders - Students will learn different Christian Songs for the purpose of leading chapel song worship.

Handbells  - Students will learn to play handbells or chimes and perform a song in chapel and church.

Musical Theater - This class will provide students opportunities to learn a basic awareness/respect for the art of performing. Basic instructions will include (but will not be limited to): Anatomy of a theater, theatrical terms and definitions, blocking (stage movement), character analysis, voice projection, dialogue/diction, and theater games.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Students in AV StudioAV Studio  - Students will learn how to use the equipment in the TV studio to produce and edit announcements and videos.

Bridge Building - Students will learn about the different types of bridge styles and construct them out of balsa wood.

Deconstruction - Students will take apart a variety of household items to figure out how they work.

Engineering - Students will be given different challenges to complete using Engineering Design processing skills of brainstorming, designing, and building.

STEM  - Students will use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills to design an amusement park.


Book Club  - Students will choose a novel to read together and discuss.

Constitution - In fulfillment of state educational mandates, this class will cover the developmental history, composition, and organization of the national and state constitutions and governments. The flag code and flag etiquette are also covered.

Creative Writing - Students will stretch their imaginations and at the same time become more proficient in their use of language. Students will participate in a workshop style course culminating with a portfolio of work representing various forms and styles. Creative writing offers students an opportunity to see themselves and all around them through a fresh lens.

Debate - Debate is an exciting activity that allows students to work in teams to think critically and strategically about multi-layered and consequential topics. Creating a sound, evidence based argument is an essential skill for success across many disciplines. Why not practice this skill in an activity that is not only challenging but fun?

Journalism  - Students will learn the basic concepts of journalism. The course will introduce students to the decisions journalists consider as they cover the news and will encourage students to be discerning readers. Journalism will offer students opportunities to develop research, interview, and editorial skills as they craft their own news articles.

Keyboarding - Students will learn the proper hand/finger positions for typing and will complete keyboarding exercises to increase speed and accuracy. Required for all students who have not previously passed this class.

Study Skills - Students will learn study and organizational skills necessary to be a successful student.

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