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Chapel on a Thursday? Yes, that’s right.  Immanuel Lutheran School students, teachers, and parents attended a special chapel service on Thursday, May 4th to observe the National Day of Prayer. Principal Delaine Schiestel led the chapel service and talked with the students about sheep knowing their shepherd’s voice, and following Jesus.  Students from each grade then led the school in prayer:

  • Kindergarten students offered prayers of thanksgiving for Jesus.
  • 1st graders prayed for families.
  • 2nd graders led prayers for friends.
  • 3rd graders prayed for our world, nature, and creation.
  • 4th graders gave thanks for our faith.
  • 5th graders offfered prayers of gratefulness that God provides us with food, shelter, and all we that we need.
  • 6th graders prayed for our church, school, pastors, and teachers.
  • 7th graders prayed for  our nation, and our leaders.
  • 8th graders prayed for those who do not yet believe in Jesus.

Yes - it was a special service indeed.