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The Fine Arts at Immanuel

Music! Art! Drama!

Students at Immanuel are given the chance to express themselves through fine arts at an early age. All grade levels are taught art and music and participate in several productions.


Music_CircleImageMusic education and learning music through singing together in choir is a very important subject in school. We have choir once per week for about 30 minutes. In this short time, your son or daughter has a chance to learn about basic music notation, and they learn how to read music also. The students learn self-discipline, team-work and they will advance in their musical abilities, which then provides self-worth in a group setting. In addition the children have a valuable contribution to worship and they praise the Lord with their voices. They will also learn proper practice and performance habits. Performance is a vital process of music education.

Immanuel Lutheran School provides students with an array of opportunities to learn to sing and to play instruments. More importantly, students participate in worship experiences musically. School classes, and those selecting choir for an elective, sing in church at various times during the year.

Students in Second and Third Grade have the opportunity to learn the recorder in an after-school class. We have a handbell choir for Third through Eighth Graders.

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Summer Band Camp

June 26-30, 2017

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Musical Revue a Hit!

On May 5th the 1st – 8th grade classes performed in a Musical Revue. This is a new event for Immanuel students which replaced our spring talent show. For the revue each class learned a song from a different decade to sing at this all school event. Each class was... read more


Band_CircleImageBeginning band starts in Fourth Grade. Students have the opportunity to advance through intermediate and advanced band as well as play in a jazz ensemble. All of our musicians have opportunities to perform at area competitions as well as in Church and Chapel services at Immanuel.

Fine Arts Festival is held in the Spring at Trinity Roselle where students perform in a variety of capacities in front of judges who can provide constructive feedback on their performances. Students from several area Lutheran schools participate in this day-long event. The Festival ends with a mass performance by the all-school choir, all-school handbell choir, and all-school band, with key performances selected by the judges throughout the day. The event offers many students their first opportunity to perform with dozens of other students, enriching their overall appreciation and experience. Immanuel students are typically selected to perform in the Lutheran School Honors Band in southern Illinois. In 2014, we had 6 candidates selected.


Immanuel offers opportunities for students to showcase their God-given talents through music and drama.

Younger children perform in special programs for their parents and guests several times during the school year.

All K-8 students participate in the school’s Christmas Program.


We also have many talented artists at Immanuel. Students have an opportunity to work with different types of media both in their classrooms and in our designated art room. Many of the pieces are selected for participation in the Fine Arts Festival and most bring home ribbons. There are also several pieces selected every month for display in the “Art Gallery”  located in the hallway outside Immanuel’s dining hall.

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