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This year’s Lutheran Fine Arts Festival was a success for Immanuel Students! Held on April 28th, it was a long day of competition and practices for the evening concert. All in all, we had a great day. The Concert Band received a red ribbon (Excellent). The judge was pretty tough, but noted “very many quality sounds, a fine presentation.”

We had many blue ribbons (a Superior rating) this year. Nine students were one point away from a perfect score! This has never happened before! These ribbons went to a student on piano AND french horn and well as students playing alto saxophone, oboe, trumpet, clarinet and tenor saxophone. Two other students received blue ribbons on snare drum and were just a few points away from a perfect score!

Immanuel also had red ribbon (Excellent rating) soloists on flute and piano and piano and a white ribbon for clarinet.

Our artists were indeed excellent! At the evening concert, each music judge and art judge recommends a soloist or art piece for the “best of the best” of the evening. We are very proud to announce that an Immanuel student’s oil painting of her Waterlily was chosen as the “best of the best” in the evening.

Immanuel also had one student receive a blue ribbon for her art piece. Eight other students received red ribbons for their excellent work. Six artists received a white ribbon, (good rating).

Thanks to all for their hard work and determination! Many thanks also to Mrs. Glawe, Director of Music who accompanied three students and who stayed with us all day for encouragement and support! Thanks also to our parents who came for extra support! Thank you to all parents who support and encourage their children to practice outside of school.